Should I always file a police report when I’m involved in an auto accident?

We think so and it’s highly likely that your insurance company will too. There is typically a suspicious motive when the other party in an accident suggests, “Let’s not get the police involved.” The other party may not be insured or there may be a problem with the ownership of the vehicle. We suggest that you document the facts as best you can, which would include submitting a report to the police.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer if I wasn’t hurt in the accident?

Some injuries suffered in an accident can take hours or even days before symptoms appear, so be careful. If, however, your damages are solely the repairs to fix your car, you can negotiate with the insurance company directly for your settlement. This can still be a time consuming and frustrating experience but remember the old saying: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

The insurance company adjuster wants to meet with me, take my recorded statement, and photograph the damage to my car. Should I cooperate?

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim, first speak to your family attorney! The law firm can advise you on how much you need to cooperate. Depending on the particulars of your case, even your insurance company can be in an adversarial position.

Do you charge for an initial phone, e-mail or in-office consultation?

Absolutely not. As stated earlier, we do not charge fees on personal injury cases unless you collect. We receive payment when you do.

What about time limitations concerning my case?

There are definitely time restrictions on each case. These restrictions depend upon many things including your age, the state of venue (where the case would be properly litigated), and even the defendants themselves. Cases against the Chicago Transit Authority, for example, require that a formal notice be filed within 6 months of the injury. This is an important question to ask because a mistake could mean that your case is barred forever.

I live in another state and that’s where my injury case occurred. Can you still help me?

Our firm (The Law Offices of James J. Burke) is licensed to practice law in Illinois. Through our network of Affiliated Law Firms however, the chances are good that we can assist you. Allow us to be your resource center for all legal issues and questions.

I was injured on my way to work, is that covered under workers' compensation?

-No, not if you are traveling from home to your office or from your office to home.