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Jeneva G.


I would not hesitate to retain Mr. Burke again. I was pleased with the results in my case. He was thorough and kind and always kept me informed about my case. I have rarely met a person of his integrity and heart.

Ed Gordon


My car was being serviced so I was driving a “loaner” from the dealer. I was proceeding with the green light when this other driver ran his red light and struck me. There was a lot of damage to both vehicles and they had to be towed from the scene. I was pretty shaken up, and my knee was really hurting. I hired the Law Offices of James J. Burke to represent me for my injuries. They found out that the other driver had lied and was not insured at the time of the accident. Mr. Burke explained my rights under the uninsured motorist coverage of my own auto policy. My medical care took a long time with conservative treatment. Eventually, my knee required surgery and my life was severely altered by this accident.

The insurance company claim department didn’t see it that way and continued to resist settlement. Mr. Burke took the matter to arbitration. Due to his fine work, we received an award equal to the highest limits of my policy. Prior to the hearing, the company had offered half that amount. Throughout this process, the Law Offices of James J. Burke walked with me. They are professional and personable, which are rare commodities these days.

Sheila Lacey


I was driving my car and slowed down for traffic. This other vehicle was going too fast and struck me hard in the rear. The police gave him a ticket for speeding. My car and I were both pretty banged up. Repairing the car was the easy part, but my injuries were much more complicated.

I suffered for a long time and required much medical attention including physical therapy, diagnostic testing, and many office visits. The insurance company didn’t believe that I was hurt as badly as I (and all of our medical evidence) claimed. Maybe they thought that I would just give up. But Mr. Burke and I took the case to trial. Mr. Burke believed in me and was always there to explain this lengthy process of litigation.

Right before trial, the insurance made an offer but we thought it was too low and refused. Our demand was always the limits of the insurance policy issued by this company. Mr. Burke did a wonderful job at trial. The jury thought so too and was deliberating for about 3 hours when the company realized it had no other logical choice and offered the limits of the policy, 10 times the amount that they offered at the beginning of trial! That's the kind of work you can expect from the Law Offices of James J. Burke, Ltd. They believe in you and fight for you. I always knew that my case was important to them and they kept me well informed.

Maxine Thomas


While driving westbound on Washington Street in Waukegan this woman driving her vehicle eastbound attempted a left turn directly in front of me. She must have thought she could make it or didn’t see me. I’m not sure. I had the right-of-way. There was a huge impact between our two vehicles and I was badly hurt. I went directly to an emergency room and had to follow up as an out-patient with a physician.

My healing process took months and the Law Offices of James J. Burke, Ltd helped me with timely information and emotional support. It was frustrating that I wasn’t getting better as quickly as I wished, but the firm seemed to understand and helped to keep my spirits up. If I called and was unable to speak to Jim or Tom, they always returned my message within 24 hours. I knew I wasn’t alone as the case progressed. When we turned down the insurance company’s offer just before trial, I knew I was making the right decision because we discussed it like a team.

The jury awarded us triple the offer of the company. I was extremely satisfied that with Mr. Burke at my side I got “my day in court.” When the Law Offices of James J. Burke, Ltd represents you, you do feel like you’re part of their team.